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June 02 2017



Hey. It’s Pride Month!

Over the next 30 days, we are actively encouraging you to share your LGBTQ+ pride with all of Tumblr. You deserve to be proud of who you are 365 days a year, but these next 30 days, we’re going all out. There’s no wrong way to do it. Upload an illustration. Write a poem. Make a GIF. Take a selfie and slap a Pride sticker on it. Maybe send a sticker to a friend. These precious babies are in your app right now:


Do one thing, do 100 things—whatever feels right. Just tag it with #TumblrPride so other people can find it. And, hey, if you can’t do any of these things, know that we still support you. You have every reason to feel proud this month, even if you aren’t ready to show it. <3

We’ll also be signal boosting other influential LGBTQ+ voices all month long. We’ve secured some really amazing people for Answer Time and Issue Time:

  • 6/23—Gavin Grimm, 17 year old activist fighting for the equality of transgender students, held on Action (@action).
  • 6/29—Becca McCharen, queer fashion designer and founder of fashion label Chromat (@chromat).
  • 6/30—Trans Rights & Community, focusing on urgent issues that affect trans people, like violence, access to health care, and unemployment, held on Action (@action).

Have a safe and beautiful Pride Month, Tumblr.

May 29 2017

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One of great grandma’s pots that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of, even though the rusted handle makes it unusable for food.

I planted one of her favorite flowers in it and put it on my patio =’)

Red #Geranium #Family #Gardening #Flowers #Patio #PatioDecor #Antique #Handmade <– The pot was shaped and banged out by hand.

May 24 2017

Every level in your life will require a different version of you.

May 18 2017

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I love smoker weather!!! Yummy #veggielover #salad with #marinated #chicken


#SpiceBlend #Tumeric #EVOO #Cucumber #cherrytomatoes #BBQ #Smoker #PDX #Snappeas #Carrots #RawFood #WhatsForDinner #Damask #smokedmeat #ChickenSkewers #Brinkmann #Dinner 🍴

May 14 2017

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome mom’s out there!!

#HappyMothersDay #Flowers

Make the sun come back! I want to get the #smoker out and make #Chicken #Skewers

🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢 🍢

#BBQ #ChickenSkewers #PDX #Spring #WhatsForDinner #ChickenOnAStick #Tumeric #DayDreaming #Food #Eats #HomeCooking #HomeChef #EasyRecipe

May 05 2017

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April 28 2017

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Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England

April 26 2017

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I had a flat tire so I went to Les Schwab this afternoon but it was going to take 45min+ and it was noon and I hadn’t stopped to eat yet. The tire center shares a parking lot with 2 fast food joints and another across the street, none of which were calling to me but off in the distance, I could make out “India” on a sign so I headed that way..

Ohhhhhmyyyyy did I find a gem!! New Taste of India, the restaurant was immaculate, the staff was attentive and friendly and I loved the decor!! I sat in a room with several chandeliers sparkling above me as I watched MTV India. Time flew by as I enjoyed some of the best Indian food, I have had in a longgg time.

#Chandelier #NewTasteOfIndia #Indian #Restaurant #Decor #PDX #PrettyLights #LivingTheDream #RestaurantReview #Classy 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #5Star #Yum #KillingTime #PDXeats #Hillsboro

April 25 2017

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We are self-employed and my husband eats at his desk often, I mainly took this picture because I love his rainbow keyboard! It’s so pretty!!

#WhatsForDinner 🍝 #Meatballs #Garlic #GarlicBread #Marinara #Gemelli #Pasta #Meatball #Mozzarella #Razer #Parmesan #Italian #Rainbow #Unicorn #RainbowKeyboard #Nebula #Galaxy #RazerGaming #Selfemployed #Gaming #Dinner 🍴

April 20 2017

You get to a place where it is okay, eventually. I try not to think about it much, there’s not anything I can really do about it, so why give it energy, right? Then I find myself filling out paperwork for a school field trip and there I am staring at the blank line again.

Emergency Contact: ______________________

There is no one. Not one name I can write down. If they can’t reach us, there is no backup person. No trusted family member, nobody.

Not having family, not having a support system sucks, it really sucks when your babies are young but as the years go by, you adapt, it gets easier but I guess there’s just always going to be that blank line that stays empty.

April 17 2017

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Easter Feast!!!

#Ham #DeviledEggs #RoastedVeggies #FruitSalad #Biscuits #MashedPotatoes #Gravy #BlackOlives #Damask #Dinner #BunnyDay 🐰 #WhatsForDinner #FamilyDinner #HappyEaster

April 16 2017

Happy Easter!!

#SolarPower #SolarDancers #Damask #EasterDecor #EasterBunny #Orchid #Bunnies #OrchidStagram #Orchids #SilverAndBlack #EasterEggs #Chics #Dancing #Sunshine #HappyEaster

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Was that the Easter Bunny, mom?

Yes, Bowser, he just hopped through <3

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Good morning!! Look at this beautiful Easter morning sky!!

April 14 2017

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Rabbit Shaming [x]

fun fact rabbits poop out things called cecotropes that they need to eat to properly digest their food and get as many nutrients as possible out of it.

Happy Easter!!

PSA: Rabbits are not Easter gifts, consider chocolate instead.

April 11 2017

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This game is just too flipping cute!! #MarioRun #Toadette #PrincessPeach #Pink #Purple #Nintendo #Toads

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I read an article listing the “10 most essential spices for #Mediterranean #cooking” a while back and there were a few #spices I had never heard of before, so I bought one of them to experiment.

I marinaded the chicken with EVOO & ZA'ATAR Spice blend, I also added some of my own spices, curry powder etc. I basically just did what I felt like, like I always do. Baked the chicken on a bed of green beans and red onion that I had tossed with EVOO and spices (incredibly easy 1 dish meal).

The ZA'ATAR spice blend isn’t particularly potent itself but it has a nice flavor and it helps the other spices really stick to the chicken. Less than 10min prep. Served with a bit of hummus, pita bread and pita chips, oh and potato slices that I also baked because they were requested.

#HomeCooking #EasyRecipe #Food #Chicken #WhatsForDinner #Recipes #Dinner #recipeshare #Cooking #HomeChef #IDoWhatIWant

March 20 2017

Good Grief

I had a really rough 3 years, 2 family members died, leaving behind only 2 remaining relatives whom I don’t speak to, so basically just me, except for the amazing silver-lining of a long lost cousin who I met at my uncles funeral, of all places, (I love her so much and am so grateful I met her and know her now). That wasn’t all the deaths though, my best friend at the time was going through her own personal hell with an abusive relationship and sick family and children, which I was helping her with and is what lead to me being the person to discover the body of her grandmother (the woman who raised her, a woman I loved like family and knew for half my life). At that point I was basically grieving on top of grieving and I felt alone, utterly alone. 

There are so many other hard things that happened during that 3 year period, so much trauma and loss and reflection, I was broken. I had distanced myself from my mother and the destruction that relationship was having on my well being, which was the responsible smart thing to do but also meant “I didn’t even have a mom anymore”. It was easy to feel the pain of it all, all at once, all of the time, I would wake already crying most days. I got lost in it and I couldn’t find my way out. I wasn’t trying to feel sorry for myself but I was devastated on so many levels, it felt like anguish was pouring out of me at all times, I was overflowing and almost no one even knew.

I can talk about that time as something that I went through in the past because 2 weeks before the new year, I had an epiphany, I remembered that I was not that broken person, that my whole life had been filled with tragic awful stuff and I never let it wreck me, I always found a way to be happy. It is so easy to be happy with so very little, it really is and things can always be so much worse and I remembered who I was, it was like coming out of a fog. I have what my mother used to call a Pollyanna personality, always able to see the silver-lining in every horrible situation, seeing the good in people, feeling empathy for the struggle people have that makes them do the things they do. 

I am so insanely grateful for my life, my children are rocking it at school with fantastic grades and awards for excellent attitudes, our business is going strong allowing both my husband and I to work from home and raise our epic kids exactly how we want to. I spend my days doing virtually whatever the hell I want because that’s how I roll and I’m rockin it. Of course my life isn’t perfect and I still have goals I’d like to accomplish soon and anxiety but in the grand scheme of things, life is good. I guess I just had to walk through that hard time to get to the other side of it, grief is always hard for me and getting slammed with so much, so fast was more than I could bare but I got through it and I am me again. Thank goodness because 3 years is a long time haha

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