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March 20 2017

Good Grief

I had a really rough 3 years, 2 family members died, leaving behind only 2 remaining relatives whom I don’t speak to, so basically just me, except for the amazing silver-lining of a long lost cousin who I met at my uncles funeral, of all places, (I love her so much and am so grateful I met her and know her now). That wasn’t all the deaths though, my best friend at the time was going through her own personal hell with an abusive relationship and sick family and children, which I was helping her with and is what lead to me being the person to discover the body of her grandmother (the woman who raised her, a woman I loved like family and knew for half my life). At that point I was basically grieving on top of grieving and I felt alone, utterly alone. 

There are so many other hard things that happened during that 3 year period, so much trauma and loss and reflection, I was broken. I had distanced myself from my mother and the destruction that relationship was having on my well being, which was the responsible smart thing to do but also meant “I didn’t even have a mom anymore”. It was easy to feel the pain of it all, all at once, all of the time, I would wake already crying most days. I got lost in it and I couldn’t find my way out. I wasn’t trying to feel sorry for myself but I was devastated on so many levels, it felt like anguish was pouring out of me at all times, I was overflowing and almost no one even knew.

I can talk about that time as something that I went through in the past because 2 weeks before the new year, I had an epiphany, I remembered that I was not that broken person, that my whole life had been filled with tragic awful stuff and I never let it wreck me, I always found a way to be happy. It is so easy to be happy with so very little, it really is and things can always be so much worse and I remembered who I was, it was like coming out of a fog. I have what my mother used to call a Pollyanna personality, always able to see the silver-lining in every horrible situation, seeing the good in people, feeling empathy for the struggle people have that makes them do the things they do. 

I am so insanely grateful for my life, my children are rocking it at school with fantastic grades and awards for excellent attitudes, our business is going strong allowing both my husband and I to work from home and raise our epic kids exactly how we want to. I spend my days doing virtually whatever the hell I want because that’s how I roll and I’m rockin it. Of course my life isn’t perfect and I still have goals I’d like to accomplish soon and anxiety but in the grand scheme of things, life is good. I guess I just had to walk through that hard time to get to the other side of it, grief is always hard for me and getting slammed with so much, so fast was more than I could bare but I got through it and I am me again. Thank goodness because 3 years is a long time haha

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There will always be haters, the best way to beat them is to continue winning at life, strap on your idgaf backpack and swagger on.

"You can't fix stupid"

Do you ever get a phrase stuck in your head? I read that one in a comment section of some random post last week and my brain just keeps reminding me of it.

I recently had someone I’ve known for years pop off with a bunch of cruel and hurtful opinions, opinions about me, my children, my business, you name it, she had something nasty to say about it because she thinks she’s better than everyone.

However, the opinions of someone with limited reasoning and very low logical thinking capabilities hold little weight with me. Every time I remember one of her nasty opinions, my brain follows it up with a reminder of something utterly moronic she said or did, like last year when she told me “I’m not voting for Hillary because I don’t think a woman should be president or hold any office of power”.

Bottom line, you really can’t fix stupid.

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I believe in everything until it’s disproved.
So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons.
It all exists, even if it’s in your mind.
Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares
aren’t as real as the here and now?
- John Lennon

March 07 2017

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Overly judgmental people are those with the most glaringly obvious flaws, always, every time.

Clawing at their pedestal, shoving you down to conceal their own inadequacies, often lying to themselves about everything that actually matters.

The farther down they place you, the higher they think they have climbed but it is all an illusion and you don’t have to take any part in it.

February 15 2017

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These #Valentine’s #doughnuts from @KrispyKreme are so cute!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

#krispykreme #Donuts #Valentines

February 13 2017

February 11, 1916: Emma Goldman is arrested for distributing information about birth control


On Februay 11, 1916, activist Emma Goldman was arrested for distributing information about birth control. Goldman, a well-known anarchist and organizer, had become acquainted with Margaret Sanger, a crusader for women’s access to contraception (Sanger is credited with introducing the phrase “birth control” into the English language). Goldman and her partner Ben Reitman began distributing copies of Sanger’s Family Limitation, and in 1915 embarked on a national tour to spread information about birth control to women in need. She was arrested and charged with violation of the Comstock Law, an 1873 law prohibiting the distribution of “obscene, lewd, and/or lascivious” materials through the mail; at the time, the law also explicitly banned mailing contraceptives or contraceptive information. Goldman was found guilty and ordered to pay a $100 fine (about $2000 today); when she refused, she was sentenced to two weeks in a prison workhouse. The ban on mailing contraceptives would not be fully overturned until 1972.

February 12 2017

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when your friends about to roast somebody and you have receipts 


February 11 2017

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February 04 2017

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Omg!! I didn’t know #quinoa was this good!!!!! It’s a mix with #Kale #BrownRice #RedQuinoa & #Garlic I made #Stirfry #Veg with #BabyCorn #Carrots #Yum #ItalianGreenBeans #WaterChestnuts #RedPepper #Teriyaki #Tofu #Recipe #HeartHealthy #Lunch #Homemade #Damask #HealthyRecipes #HomeCooking #HomeChef

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#WhatsForDinner #HeartHealthy
#Chicken #Gyro w/ #BabySpinach #RedOnion #GreenOnions #Cucumber #Tomato #Feta in #WholeWheat #Pita & #Greek #CucumberSauce #Onion #Spinach #Tomatoes #Dinner🍴 #Grapes #EasyRecipe #HomeCooking #Veg #Homemade #Dinner #Raw #Veggies #RedGrapes #Fruit #EatingHealthy #Recipe #Damask

February 01 2017

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Lemon Salmon & Roasted Veg w/lemon <3

#HeartHealthy #Salmon #Lemon #Veg #Dinner #HealthyRecipes #Recipe #HomeCooking #Dinner🍴 #GoodFood #WhatsForDinner #Damask #Veggies #LemonPepper #RoastedVeggies #Yum #HealthyEating

January 30 2017

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Made a huge roaster of #PartyMix today :)

#ChexMix #Homemade #Snacks #MySecretRecipe #snacksfordays #Yum #chexmixsweepstakes #Nuts

January 26 2017

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NGC 1433 Miltrons Galaxy NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope | Motion Effects by rexisky

January 24 2017

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Had a situation yesterday that resulted in several of my son’s plush toys taking an adventure through the washing machine, then they camped out by the heating vent for the night and this morning were tossed on the couch where #Bowser promptly moved them so he could snuggle into his spot. He would never harm one of the kids toys, they’re just good for #snuggles.

#DogsOfInstaWorld #DogsOfInsta #Dogs #InstaDog #Scribblenauts #Yoshi #Luigi #TummyStuffers #Plushies #Toys #Chihuahua #RatTerrier #GoodBoy

January 22 2017

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I KNEW IT WAS A LIE!! This beautiful #orchid was given to me Mother’s Day 2016 and was a gorgeous dark color! It was marketed as “Black Sapphire” but I had a feeling it had been dyed because it was just too perfect to be true. I have managed to get it to grow two new stems full of flowers (second on bottom right - hasn’t bloomed yet) and would you look at that #PINK color.

I’ve decided to try an #experiment, note the dark blue circle down in the pot, that is an ice cube with food coloring in it. Hopefully, it will darken the #flowers and won’t just kill it haha

This is my first time #growing #orchids
and I know they can be sensitive so wish me luck!

Hey, I’ve made it this far! All my friends told me they just throw them away when the bloom falls off because they never come back to life haha so I think I’m doing alright! Watering with the ice method is super easy and works perfectly!

#CalledIt #GrowingFlowers #Damask #HousePlants #DyingFlowers #Plants #PrettyFlowers #Gothic #Gardening #BlackFlower #PinkFlowers

January 20 2017

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My husband’s plate, hard to believe there is a #tbone #steak under all that but there is!

#HomeCooking #SteakAndPotatoes #RoastedPotatoes #Homemade #Dinner #GarlicBread #GreenBeans #tbonesteak #WhatsForDinner #Veggies #Garlic #Damask #Food

January 19 2017

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Have you ever made your #dog a sandwich? Me neither and yet he is convinced from start to finish that every sandwich I make, is being prepared for him. This #blat is for me, buddy!!

#BLT w/ #Avocado #Lunch #Sandwich #dogs #HomeCooking #Bacon #Bowser #Chihuahua #RatTerrier #InstaDog #Damask #InstaFood #DogsOfInsta #DogsOfInstaWorld #Food #EasyRecipe

January 17 2017

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People in my neighborhood are pretty serious about #SnowArt

#PDX #Snow #Snowing #SnowSculpture #Snowman #Caroling #Carolers #SnowWoman

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