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Oh boy!! We love the @krispykreme app!! It kept nagging to come use my points so we did. Everything was #FREE! Lrg White Mocha? Free. Extra Spring #Donut for my kid? Free! 1 dozen delicious Spring #doughnuts? Free!

If you don’t use the app but shop at Krispy Kreme (even sparsely like myself), you should get the app! Also.. the app tells you when the hot light is on.. so you can get those fresh ooey gooey!

Nobody asked me to write this, I just love getting awesome stuff for free and bragging about it lol hey, you can do it too! Nothing stopping you! :)

Happy Easter weekend!!

#FreeStuff #Reeses peanut butter doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Chics because it’s #Easter #EasterEggs #CoffeeCake #Coffee #GoodMorning #PDX #SolarDancers #Damask #breakfast —>scroll for more pics—> (at Hillsboro, Oregon)

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