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tumblr.. I need advice. Does this still work?

I had a doctor appointment last week with a doctor who is not my normal doctor (she called me in because I asked an easily electronically answered question via the online system they use but instead of replying she insisted I come in).

At the appointment she behaved as though she thought I was a silly little girl and she was there to teach me a lesson. She was dismissive, utterly unhelpful, unkind and discriminatory.

At the end of a truly horrible appointment,  I asked her a question and she looked me straight in my face and lied to me. I promptly had an anxiety attack and left because I had no idea how to react to a doctor treating me this way and then lying to me. Honestly, wtf?

I later discoverd she made a false statement in her notes, which are my medical record. 

Ideally, that false statement could just be removed and then I could maybe let this go.. maybe.

I’m not trying to sue this clearly incompetent person, I’d prefer to not even have to put her on blast BUT I also don’t have the slightest idea what my next step should be. I informed my regular doctor. Now what?

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