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Why is it that I had to hear about every single trip to the gym anyone ever made for years but nobody talks about the stuff their smart watch says? Mine just gave me a huge pat on the back “Good Job!” & “Well Done!!” for picking my kid up from school, I didn’t even walk. I haven’t had this type of validation since I was a toddler. Nobody talks about this?! Really? I’m the only one who finds this hilarious? Alright then. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Nope. Thought I could stop there, I can’t. I get more “keep it up” notifications for anxiety attacks than anything else, I can’t be alone on that?! Quick side question, if my heart rate is up from anxiety and I instantly (and yes, magically) start working out, right then and there- do I INSTANTLY start burning calories at the rate you do when you get your heart rate up from actually working out? Also- could that kill me? Not trying to drop dead from creating an anxiety life hack, which is probably how all those fit people accidentally die “for no reason” sometimes.. or not  ♥

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