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May 12 2018

April 10 2018

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#NoFilter in other words, yes, the #unicorn box has #rainbow shimmers all over it. #LuckyCharms #Cereal done right. Everybody in the house has a favorite lol even mom who hasn’t been excited about kids cereal since she was a kid *ahem* lol #Marshmallows 😂😍😘🌈🦄 (at Oregon)

April 07 2018

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I drank my coffee straight yesterday, no cream or sugar and I sincerely thought it was bad, just an unpleasant time, ya know?

This? Worse. I’m going back to straight black, back to the abyss. I live in the darkness now. The darkness that is a virgin drip coffee, never touched by silky cream or kissed gently by raw sugar cane. Only the darkness.

Day 6. Into the black.

April 05 2018

Small #avocado with salt and pepper, small tomato, 1 tspn #Feta,1 tbspn #Philadelphia chive cream cheese, two green onions, 2 #Wasa light rye crackers, small slice of #Homecooked ham. #Dinner #DietDay3 #Delicious #WhatsForDinner

April 01 2018

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My lovely neighbor brought me this Orchid & card today! 😍 She’s so sweet!!

#Bunnies added bc it’s #BunnyDay #HappyEaster #Flowers #PDX It has so many buds about to bloom!! #HousePlants #AnimalLovers #Grateful

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These are my neighbors, Bubbles & More Bubbles (yes, my neighbors are bunnies).

Happy Easter!!

#UrbanFarming #EasterBunny #Rabbit #Easter #HappyEaster #PDX #Rabbits #Pets #Fluffy (at Portland, Oregon)

March 30 2018

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Oh boy!! We love the @krispykreme app!! It kept nagging to come use my points so we did. Everything was #FREE! Lrg White Mocha? Free. Extra Spring #Donut for my kid? Free! 1 dozen delicious Spring #doughnuts? Free!

If you don’t use the app but shop at Krispy Kreme (even sparsely like myself), you should get the app! Also.. the app tells you when the hot light is on.. so you can get those fresh ooey gooey!

Nobody asked me to write this, I just love getting awesome stuff for free and bragging about it lol hey, you can do it too! Nothing stopping you! :)

Happy Easter weekend!!

#FreeStuff #Reeses peanut butter doughnuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Chics because it’s #Easter #EasterEggs #CoffeeCake #Coffee #GoodMorning #PDX #SolarDancers #Damask #breakfast —>scroll for more pics—> (at Hillsboro, Oregon)

March 22 2018

tumblr.. I need advice. Does this still work?

I had a doctor appointment last week with a doctor who is not my normal doctor (she called me in because I asked an easily electronically answered question via the online system they use but instead of replying she insisted I come in).

At the appointment she behaved as though she thought I was a silly little girl and she was there to teach me a lesson. She was dismissive, utterly unhelpful, unkind and discriminatory.

At the end of a truly horrible appointment,  I asked her a question and she looked me straight in my face and lied to me. I promptly had an anxiety attack and left because I had no idea how to react to a doctor treating me this way and then lying to me. Honestly, wtf?

I later discoverd she made a false statement in her notes, which are my medical record. 

Ideally, that false statement could just be removed and then I could maybe let this go.. maybe.

I’m not trying to sue this clearly incompetent person, I’d prefer to not even have to put her on blast BUT I also don’t have the slightest idea what my next step should be. I informed my regular doctor. Now what?

February 14 2018

Bloggings of my blog..blob.

Why is it that I had to hear about every single trip to the gym anyone ever made for years but nobody talks about the stuff their smart watch says? Mine just gave me a huge pat on the back “Good Job!” & “Well Done!!” for picking my kid up from school, I didn’t even walk. I haven’t had this type of validation since I was a toddler. Nobody talks about this?! Really? I’m the only one who finds this hilarious? Alright then. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Nope. Thought I could stop there, I can’t. I get more “keep it up” notifications for anxiety attacks than anything else, I can’t be alone on that?! Quick side question, if my heart rate is up from anxiety and I instantly (and yes, magically) start working out, right then and there- do I INSTANTLY start burning calories at the rate you do when you get your heart rate up from actually working out? Also- could that kill me? Not trying to drop dead from creating an anxiety life hack, which is probably how all those fit people accidentally die “for no reason” sometimes.. or not  ♥

February 03 2018


January 26 2018

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Shout out to all my friends who experience Friday as Monday! #365 crew! #WorkMore on the #weekend #Coffee #Damask I’m still gonna #DamaskAllTheThings #vapenation

Haha damnit

How long has my blog been broken?? LOL I’ve only seen it from the app for idek how long. Oops. Just saw it on my laptop.. um..

I don’t even know if I can remember how to fix it this time lol they keep changing stuff and I haven’t kept up. No time now, so I’ll have to look into it later.

Thanks for telling me, nobody. Lol 😜

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